Conquering Animal Sound //Scottish Album Of The Year Award ‘Album of the Day’ -Today! (Posted By Harry)


‘Kammerspiel’ is Scottish Album Of The Year Award ‘Album of the Day’ TODAY.

Conquering Animal Sound

On the Scottish Album Of The Year Award website, Conquering Animal Sound’s ‘Kammerspiel” is ‘Album Of The Day’ today and will be streamed FREE for 24 hours only. Click on this link, to through to the website.…or you could read the great reviews below and THEN click on the link. Whatever makes you happy.

BBC Review
“By doing a lot of little things well, without making any grand gestures, Glasgow duo Conquering Animal Sound have here crafted a delightful debut album which tinkles and buzzes, chimes and crackles with real promise. It feels like a debut in the senses that one senses there’s plenty more to come – but at the same time, it’s a satisfyingly complete listen, a fully rounded full-length which rewards repeat listens with the discovery of charming new details and nuances.”

“With Kammerspiel, Conquering Animal Sound have simultaneously managed to capture on record the full depth of their creativity and imagination, as well as the inherent beauty of their sound. It is a wonderful piece of work which deserves to be cherished, and gives us far more than we might reasonably expect from anyone’s debut album.”

“With Bjork off astral travelling in the outer realms of out-sound, there’s been a gap left in the musical landscape. Where do we go now for perfectly crafted female-fronted electronic pop? Sure there’s a few options, but few with the glacial, near-ambient bliss of the Icelandic snow-queen, that is until Kammerspiel came along. Despite having a name that would suggest otherwise the band hail from Glasgow (via Edinburgh) and their music seems primed to fit into a warm spot right next to ‘Homogenic’ and ‘Vespertine’ on your shelf. Sure the production might these days owe just as much to omnipresent overlords The xx, but there is an overwhelming sense of opera and scope, something the nonchalant chill-wave set would struggle with at best. ‘Conquering Animal Sound’ is a pop record, but one with just enough smarts to get even the most po-faced experimental music obsessive to take notice, you’ll certainly be missing out if you don’t.”

“Kammerspiel is a strange beguiling creature which plays out in it’s own world, it is at times fragile, at others noisy, often vulnerable and sometimes scary. Full appreciation of its complex charms require immersion in this world to absorb and form your own interpretation of its ever fluctuating and adapting landscapes. Whether or not it’s actually the conquering of animal sound is anyone’s guess but it is thoroughly impressive and almost certainly one of the most accomplished debuts 2011 will see.”

1. Maschine
2. Wasp
3. Wildthings
4. Flinch
5. Cheer
6. Bear
7. Crawl
8. Tracer
9. Neanderthal
10. Giant
11. Ira

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