Hamilton Feature// The Independent (Posted By Rico)

Hamilton 'Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids' (Ram Records)

Hamilton 'Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids' (Ram Records)

Hamilton//The Independent Feature.

Hamilton ‘Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids’
Drum & Bass
(Ram Records)   

Hamilton//The Independent Feature
Written By Errol Anderson.

“Hamilton’s brand of relentless, hard-hitting drum’n’bass has seen him make a phoenix-like re-emergence into the bass game. His latest EP includes ‘Deep In My Heart’ which refuses to budge from club playlists and has helped nudge the Ram signee to the forefront of his field. We talked about his roots in hardcore, sub-genres of D&B and plans for an artist album.

How did you get into music?

I started guitar when I was about nine, mainly because my brother used to play, so I used to mess around on his and just picked it up from there. But when I was about 14 or 15, I discovered the rave scene through all the pirate radio stations and just fell in love with it because it was so new and exciting at the time.

Compared to more traditional music – with live guitars and drums and all those things – it was just totally refreshing. Everyone wanted to be a part of it and you felt like you could get involved pretty easily. I don’t know if that’s still the same now or not but it was just a question of getting a few bits of gear and cracking on from there.

What period would you say you started making your own music?

Started initially around ’92, when I was 16 and I met up with quite a lot of DJs from Pulse FM, which was one of the biggest pirate stations at the time. I used to go out with them to raves and stuff. I started producing there on a really basic set up with an Atari ST, which is a really old computer with a floppy disk, and an Akai SO1 sampler, which only had about six seconds of sampling time. A couple of years later and through my mate Sam, I was introduced to Chris (Luna-C) who was involved with the Sesame Street rave tune that went to #3 or something in ’91 or ’92. He’d gone on to buy a studio and start a label called Kniteforce, which was where I started out.

When would you say that you first dipped into drum’n’bass specifically?

I remember the days when there was no drum’n’bass, it was just hardcore. DJs like Jumping Jack Frost, Carl Cox and Hype; they were all playing hardcore at the time. I’ve been into it for years but with regards to modern drum’n’bass, I started getting back into around about 2007, because I liked the stuff going on at the time. I spent about a year just messing about and trying to get my head around the sound and ended up getting some stuff over to Ram and it all went from there.

With regards to your drum’n’bass material, with the likes of ‘Come Again/Breathe’, what was it like to be feeling the music again?

It was wicked. It was so good to effectively come back to dealing with breaks and it was great to just get back on that tip and enjoy making that style of music again.

Is there anyone from Ram that you want to work with specifically?

Well, I’ve discussed it with a couple of guys on the label but everyone is always so busy, myself included. It’s just a question of pinning down some time. It’s definitely something I want and I’d be happy to work with any of them really.

Moving on to your latest release ‘Deep In my Heart/Rich Kids’, what was the initial direction with it?

Well, ‘Rich Kids’ is a full on, angry tune whereas with ‘Deep In My Heart’ it was almost the polar opposite where it’s a bit more soulful and musical. I was just trying to do a release and cater to both sides really.

I know there may be certain DJs that stick certain styles or genres, but I just love all of it. None of the genres are any more or less important to me. That’s reflected when I play out; I like to play all those different styles. So for me, I like to mix it up with the stuff I make and try out as many of those sub-genres as possible.

What three tunes are you feeling at the moment?

There’s a new EP by TC, where I’m feeling all of that but specifically ‘Bass By The Tonne’ and then there’s ‘Defect’ by Cyantific. I’ll also say one of my own tunes where I did a VIP of ‘Brainstorm’, which was my last single, and that’s smashing it in the clubs.

What’s next after the latest EP then?

Obviously, more DJing and playing around the UK and the rest of the world. I would say another single in about six to eight months time, then also working towards an artist album which will be dropping some time next year roughly.”

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