New Albums & Singles Releases 16.04.12

New Albums & Singles Releases 16.04.12

(in no particular order)

New Album Releases:

01. Lotus Plaza ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ (Kranky) Leftfield Pop LP
02. Logistics ‘Fear Not’ (Hospital Records) Drum & Bass CD
03. Logistics ‘Fear Not’ (Hospital Records) Drum & Bass 4LP
04. Voices From The Lake ft Donnato Dozzy & Neel (Prologue) Electronica CD
05. Cupp Cave ‘Retina Waves’ (RAMP) Leftfield/House CD
06. Grouper ‘A | A’ (Kranky) Leftfield Pop 2CD
07. Various Artists ‘Sea Monsters 2: The Best Of Brighton’ (One Inch Badge) Leftfield Pop/ Rock CD
08. The Congos ‘Dub Feast’ (Jamaican Recordings) Dub LP/CD
09. Ufomammut ‘Oro’ Vinyl LP (Supernatural Cat) Psychedelic/ Sludge/ Doom/ Metal LP
10. Conrad Schnitzler ‘Endtime’ (M=Minimal) Electronica LP
11. Dalek I ‘Compass Kum’pas’ (Medical Records) Synth-Pop LP

New Singles Releases:

01. SpectraSoul ‘Light In The Dark ft Terri Walker/ Shackles ft Fox’ (Shogun Audio Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
02. Billain ‘Batbots / Manifold’ (Bad Taste Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Data ‘Fidelity/ Fragment’ (Blackout Music) Drum & Bass 12″
04. Nether ‘Moon Dub’ (Space Cadets) Drum & Bass 12″
05. Place 2B ‘In The End / Warpath’ (Trust In Music) Drum & Bass 12″
06. Infiniti aka Juan Atkins ‘The Remixes – Part 1’ (Tresor) Techno 12″
07. Terranova ‘Question Mark feat Tomas Hoffding’ (Kompakt) Electronic/ House 12″

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