SpectraSoul: Video Feature on Beatportal// Fact Mag// RA// DT (Posted By Rico)

SpectraSoul 'Light In The Dark' (Shogun Audio) SpectraSoul in Beatportal// Fact Mag// Resident Advisor // Data Transmission.

SpectraSoul ‘Light In The Dark ft Terri Walker / Shackles ft Fox     
(Shogun Audio Recordings)

Release Date: 16th April 2012.


Written By Sean Lewis
“Thank DJ Friction‘s Shogun Audio label for another killer track. This one from London duo SpectraSoul stars the lovely, lovely vocals of Terri Walker. Lush strings and a heavy break lend themselves perfectly to the emotional pull of Walker’s lyrics, but the guys from SpectraSoul have an innovative take on this tune’s structure. “Light In The Dark” is creatively arranged with unique sound design, which only leads to frustration that this tune isn’t out yet. We’ll have to wait until mid-April to see this materialize. Apparently, we’re likely to see a full-length album from them some time this year, too.”


Support for this track include BBC Radio 1, Hype (Kiss FM), Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Flight (Rinse FM), Joe Nebula (Kemet FM), Alex Drane (Unity Radio), Ozzy D (Irie FM / Bassline Heaven), Rickochet (Peace FM), DJ Sticky (Hot Wuk), Mark Devlin (FM 1079 Oxford), X-Ray (Deja vu FM), Andy Smith (Time FM), Jay Diamond (Unity Radio) John B, Shut Up And Dance, Mumdance (Mad Decent), MP Marcus (Ice Cold FM)



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