Aquasky ‘Five Tunes That Changed My Life’// Kmag Feature (Posted By Tony)

Aquasky (Passenger)

Aquasky 'Raise The Devil' (Passenger Records)Aquasky ‘Five Tunes That Changed My Life’// Kmag Feature

‘Five Tunes That Changed My Life’
As told to Chris Muniz

“Fresh off the success of their genre-busting Raise the Devil LP project, Brent, one-third of the three-headed beast known as Aquasky, takes a break from working on the crew’s next LP project in order to clue us in on the breaks and beats that originally had him climbing up the walls.

I was 12 when I first heard this track. A kid I knew was lent a copied tape of Electro 9 which in turn he lent to me. I had one of those handheld, single-deck, mono-speaker tape decks with a handle at the end. I used to play this in the back of the car when my mum and dad were driving us somewhere, which they hated. That kid never got his tape back and this was the tune I would always rewind and listen  to time and time again. It started my quest into hip hop.

I first heard this loop being used when Jazzy Jeff did his legendary Live at the Union Square routine in New York in 1986. I wasn’t there unfortunately BUT it was released on the B-Side of Parents Just Don’t Understand here in the UK in 1988 which is when I first heard it. I had to seek out the break, even though I didn’t know what breaks were then. I just knew it was sampled from something. I got a copy a month or so later from a local record shop, second hand. He wanted a fiver,  that was steep when I was 15 for an old record. I bought it and later I was told the break was on an Ultimate Breaks and Beats LP which I tracked down as well from Tony Penfold from the Second To None breaking crew. That copy of the UBB album also had the Apache break on it, things were cooking now…(Read More)

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