New Albums & Singles Releases 02.04.12

New Albums & Singles Releases 02.04.12

(in no particular order)

New Album Releases:

01. AU ‘Both Lights’ (The Leaf Label) Leftfield Pop LP/CD
02. Lotus Plaza ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ (Kranky) Leftfield Pop CD
03. X-O-DUS  ‘English Black Boys’ (LTM) Reggae CD
04. Vatican Shadow ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’ (Type Records) Electronic LP
05. 23 Skidoo ‘Seven Songs’ (LTM) Classic Post-Punk 2LP

New Singles Releases:

01. Dub Dread 4 ‘Dubplate Clash Dark Soldier vs. Ray Keith’ (Dread Records UK) Drum & Bass 2×12″
02. High Maintenance ‘Don’t Lose It EP’ (Mainframe Recordings) Drum & Bass 2×12″
03. Presk ‘Hesitate/ Kook’ (Fourth Wave) Electronic/ Techno/ House 12″
04. Tobias. ‘Remixes’ (Unterton) Techno 12″

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