Hamilton’s ‘5 Tunes That Changed My Life’ [Kmag] (Posted By Rico)

Hamilton 'Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids' (Ram Records)

Hamilton 'Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids' (Ram Records)	Hamilton Kmag Feature

Hamilton ‘Deep In My Heart / Rich Kids’
Drum & Bass
(Ram Records)   

Written By Chris Muniz

“Having earned his stripes in the breakbeat hardcore and hard dance scene of the 1990s, it wasn’t until Hamilton signed on exclusively with Ram Records in 2009 that it all came full circle and found the intrepid producer banging out his best work to date. With tunes like Brainstorm, Soundboy and its eponymous VIP still shredding dancefloors worldwide, Hamilton checks in with Knowledge to deliver an exclusive lesson in the construction of a dancefloor anthem.

Aside from revealing his true roots as a proper raver, Hamilton delivers what has to be one of the most exciting and in-depth breakdowns of five tunes that not only changed his life but continue to provide the framework for the countless hits that have followed. Essential reading (and listening) for producers and music-lovers alike.

This track was absolutely huge back in 1992 and it still goes off in the clubs today! Although originally it could be classed as a hardcore track, the techniques used can be applied to any number of dance genres. Featuring probably one of the best riffs ever aimed at clubland, it also demonstrates fantastic use of what I call ‘sections’ with the way it effortlessly switches between different riffs, breaks and patterns, constantly evolving from start to finish. I’m sure this track has been the inspiration for many producers in the past and will continue to inspire for years to come as well…(Read More)

Fast Forward And Rewind Review

Written By Ricardo
“Following on from ‘Now It’s Time’ / ‘Hotbox’, Mind Vortex’s incredible single, Ram Records are ready to unleash another 12” packed with their trademark drum & bass energy. This time it’s Hamilton’s turn to showcase his skills, running riot with a new production.

Hamilton’s ‘Soundboy’ was one of the stand out tracks featured on Andy C’s ‘Nightlife 5’ compilation, while the VIP version tore apart clubs from London to Lisbon. Meanwhile last year’s ‘Brainstorm’ / ‘Echoes’ set Hamilton apart as one of the hottest producers the drum & bass scene has to offer. It’s no surprise then that this, his latest single for Ram Records, contains an undeniably epic pair of tracks that are filled with all the hallmarks you’d expect from a producer of Hamilton’s calibre.

Deep In My Heart’ leads the way, infused with twinkling melodies, infectious vocal samples and euphoric build ups that will make you fall in love with Hamilton’s music. Romance will be the last thing on your mind though when the warping bassline sucks you into another world. Before long your body will respond to the rolling beats and your heart will direct your feet straight to the dance floor.

Flip over and ‘Rich Kids’ builds on that formula as Hamilton displays evermore musicality as building, enveloping leads and clattering breaks are offset with rib-snapping bassline combinations and grinding end-bar edits. This one is not for the faint hearted and sees Hamilton putting his money where his mouth is to deliver an unquestionably storming track that goes straight for the jugular. This one is an instant rewind track!”

Hamilton – Deep In My Heart

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