SRD Promo Selection for 26.03.12

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SRD Promo Selection for 26.03.12

Here’s a selection of promos for the w/c 26.03.12, for more tunes head over to our soundcloud page, or listen up on our bandpage (on facebook)
Facebook/ Bandpage

D. Bridge – Not What You Want – Shogun Audio [SHA056] – Side C

Total Science – Feel Me – Shogun Audio [SHA056] – Side B

Rockwell – Constantcomplexrhythmicsound – Shogun Audio [SHA056] – Side A

Billain – Manifold – Bad Taste Recordings [BT021] – Side B

Billain – Batbots – Bad Taste Recordings [BT021] – Side A

Alix Perez – Myriads (Jubei Remix) – Shogun Audio [SHA056] – Side D

Clubroot – Scars – Solace Records [SOLACE001] – Side A

Clubroot – Hellion – Solace Records [SOLACE001] – Side B


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