Nice 23 Skidoo feature in Metro (Posted By Harry)

23 Skidoo 'Seven Songs' Classic Post-Punk 2LP (LTM)23 Skidoo in the Metro

23 Skidoo  ‘Seven Songs’

Out on 2nd April 2012.

LTM is proud to announce a deluxe limited edition double vinyl reissue of Seven Songs, the seminal debut album by 23 Skidoo, originally released in February 1982. Originally released on Fetish Records as a mini album, Seven Songs topped the indie charts and immediately established 23 Skidoo as a groundbreaking musical force on the post-punk landscape. “Intoxicating – one of the most exciting records I’ve heard since Unknown Pleasures” (Paul Morley, NME, 1982); “23 Skidoo conceived of funk as a sinister energy, and Seven Songs still sounds blood-curdlingly intense” (Simon Reynolds, Rip It Up & Start Again, 2005)
Digitally remastered, this deluxe 2×12” set contains an additional 35 minutes of material, including cult single The Gospel Comes To New Guinea/Last Words (issued on 12” in 1981) and their only radio session for John Peel, broadcast in September 1981 and featuring four exclusive tracks never recorded elsewhere. Following the release of Seven Songs, Skidoo issued a series of hugely influential records fusing post-punk, dub, industrial, world and hip-hop styles, including the singles Tearing Up The Plans, Coup and Language, and albums such as The Culling Is Coming and Urban Gamelan. In 2000 the group returned with a self-titled album, 23 Skidoo, and 24 March 2012 will perform at Electrowerkz (London) at the launch event for Metal Dance, a compilation curated by  Trevor Jackson.
Side 1
01. Kundalini
02. Vegas El Bandito
03. Mary’s Operation
04. Lock Groove

Side 2
05. New Testament
06. IY
07. Porno Base
08. Quiet Pillage
09. Last Words (7”)

Side 3
10. The Gospel Comes to New Guinea
11. Last Words (12”)

Side 4
12 Macaw Gunger
13 View From Here
14 Four Note Bass
15 Retain Control

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23 Skidoo - metro - mon 19-3-12

23 Skidoo - metro - mon 19-3-12b

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