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SRD have just signed with a new digital partner and ‘music discovery engine’ Zvooq.

Zvooz is based on ‘the idea is to launch a music, book and movie platform that will make money from catering to the huge, pent-up demand in a market of 65 million online punters in Russia.’
The concept of Zvooq is to move all your content-text, music and video- off your computer’s hard disk and onto a server, freeing yourself from devices in the process. “ is not a music store in the traditional sense,” says Dunlop (Business partner of Zvooq) “It’s more like a library where you pay to come in – but once you are there you can stay as long as you like and take as many books off the shelf as you like.”
‘The site will be a revolution for the music industry, as for the first time they will have a legal channel to both distribute and promote their products across Russia, it (…will democratise the music business.”
‘Mr Dunlop and Alexei Ostroukhov (his business partner) have built an online music sharing platform that allows you to listen to music online free, share it with friends through Facebook and/ or to synchronise unlimited music with a phone or desktop – all for $5 month. The service works with 25,000 music labels, most of which have never worked in Russia before. Services such as iTunes and Spotify are not available in the region.
Zvooq also acts as an online community. You can see what your friends are listening to, follow their recommendations and playlists and tip them off about new discoveries. Consumers in emerging markets download pirate tracks because it is faster and more convenient, not simply because it’s cheaper,” says Mr Ostroukhov.
However, he says most Russians who download pirate tracks online 8,000 to 10,000 files on their hard drives, but never listen to 80% of those they have downloaded illegally because there is no way to sort or browse through them. With no artwork, the face of music has disappeared, leaving users with a pile of anonymous computer files.
The service also offers opportunities for artists, who have previously had no way to profit from their recordings or to connect with fans. They can set up fan pages and update them with news.
“Russian artists have been limited to making money by playing live at gigs and on tours. They have had no way of reaching consumers through their mobile phones, but we provide them with a route to do that,” says Mr Dunlop.
The Zvooq music service is already at a point where it can be exported to other developing markets, where music distribution has so far been conducted by pirates.”

(Sources: Financial Times [Rachel Morarjee] and Business New Europe [Ben Aris])

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