Teddy Music in The Guardian (Posted By Rico)

Teddy Music

Teddy MusicTeddy Music on The Guardian

Teddy Music
Grime – The Compilation
Teddy Music
Out Now

Teddy Music – Grime the Compilation is getting great attention for its collection, being described in The Guardian (as part of the article ‘Grime Grew Up’), as sounding “like David Starkey’s worst nightmare – all rowdy voices and unsubtle euphemisms for shooting someone in the face –  (but) it’s also a thing of joyous energy, with beats full of phenomenal rave power, hip hop swagger and giddy inventiveness…”

Have a listen for yourself and see what you think…

Teddy Music – Grime The Compilation [Clip]

01. GRIME – Ft Dot Rotten, Ghetts, Lil Nasty & Griminal
02. MODERN WARFARE – B Live Ft. Newham Generals & Skepta
03. HOT ONES (OGz Madness) – P Money
04. J.M.E – JME
05. HYPE TING (DPMO) – Stutta Ft Mercston, Tinchy Stryder & Ghetts
06. MARTIAN ATTACK – Guvnor Ft. Scorcher
07. DON’T RUN IT UP – Lethal Bizzle
08. SALUTE ME – Ghetts Ft. Badness & Delusion
09. SILENCER – Badness
10. DAT – Trim
11. STRATFORD TO PLAISTOW – Griminal Ft. Tiny
12. FALLING IN LOVE – Ironik Ft. Jessica Lowndes (Remix)
13. CONFIDENCE – Dot Rotten
14. BARCLAYS FREESTYLE – Tinchy Stryder
15. WE’RE MOVING ALONG – Ghetts Ft. Maxsta
17. MY SPERM – Ghetts
18. OVER ME – JME (Remix)
19. FINAL LAP – Stutta Ft. Ghetts
20. DOWN WITH US – Marcus Beatz, Kozzie & Scrufizzer
21. SPRAY DEM – Tempa T
22. DOOMED – Newham Generals

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