Mind Vortex Guest Mix on Kmag (Posted By Rico)

Mind Vortex 'Now It’s Time / Hotbox' (Ram Records)

Mind Vortex 'Now It’s Time / Hotbox' (Ram Records)Mind Vortex Guest Mix

Mind Vortex are getting some serious radio air time at the moment, showing up on Annie Mac (R1), Zane Lowe (R1), Fabio & Grooverider (R1/ 1Xtra), Bailey (1Xtra), Crissy Criss (1xtra) just to name a few and with Electro Jams, Hypest Hype and Master Beats raving about ‘Now It’s Time/ Hotbox’, Mind Vortex are set to have a good year indeed.

Kmag Guest Mix
Words: Joanna Ranson

Mind Vortex have taken the drum & bass scene by storm and are hotly tipped to be one of the biggest production duos of 2012. With their next release, Now It’s Time / Hotbox, out this month, we caught up with them in a Kmag exclusive to find out more.
So it’s been a really exciting year for you both. How would you describe the past twelve months?
We’ve absolutely loved the past twelve past months, it’s been lots of hard at work in the studio crafting beats and honing our sound, developing our DJ sets and basically learning as much as we possibly can.

Signing to Ram must have been an experience in itself. How did the meeting with Andy come about?
The meeting came about after we sent a few tunes to them not really expecting that much, and within a couple of days Red One rang us back and said they really liked our stuff and could we send them more. Before we knew it we were asked to the Ram office for a meeting, and were being offered an exclusive deal with the label we always dreamt of.

What is it about Ram that fits your style and production? What do you think makes them the right label for your music?
The thing we love about Ram is they have an emphasis on creative freedom which allows us to make and write what comes natural to us and we don’t have to be pigeonholed into one particular style or sound. Ram is arguably the seminal label to be on, every release is banging, and they have a very high standard, which pushes us to be the very best we can be.

What’s your set up like? What hardware and software are you currently using?
In the studio we are mainly PC and software heads, using Cubase 6 as the main platform, and a whole load of plug-ins, from the Spectrasonics range, to Native Instruments, compressors, effects, two Pioneer CDJ2000s + mixer, and just loads of stuff we’ve got over the years plus a few bits of hardware and an old Korg Triton…(Read More)

Download the Guest Mix from Kmag here.


  1. Teleportation – Dirtyphonics – Audioporn
  2. Hotbox – Mind Vortex – Ram Records
  3. Kingdom – Spor – Lifted Music
  4. Path You Choose – Callide, Intraspekt – XEX Audio
  5. Electronic Brain – Tantrum Desire – Worldwide Audio Recordings
  6. Brainstorm – Hamilton – Ram Records
  7. Onslaught – Mind Vortex – Ram Records
  8. Spirit – Hedj, Blokhe4d – Bad Taste Recordings
  9. Berlin – Loadstar – Ram Records
  10. Program – Noisia, Phace – Vision Recordings
  11. Straight To Bad – Maztek – Icarus Audio
  12. Tonight – Wilkinson – Ram Records
  13. Snapcase –June Miller – Critical Presents : Modulations
  14. Trident – Future Signal – Trust In Music
  15. Screamer – Ram Trilogy – Ram Records
  16. X-Ray – Sub Focus – Ram Records > > Swamp Thing – Sub Focus – Ram Records
  17. Pieces – Chase & Status Ft. Plan B – Ram Records
  18. Façade VIP – Noisia – Ram Records
  19. Turbulence – Moving Fusion – Ram Records
  20. Franky Mountain – Icicle – Ram Records
  21. Acid Rain – DJ Fresh – Breakbeat Kaos
  22. Now It’s Time – Mind Vortex – Ram Records
  23. Smoothie – Cutlure Shock – Ram Records
  24. Sacrifice – Telekinesis Bad Taste Recordings
  25. No Reality (Noisia Remix) – Ram Records
  26. Desperate Measures – Interface – Shogun Audio
  27. Skittles – Ram Trilogy – Ram Records
  28. Touch Me – Cyantific – Ram Records
  29. Deception – Noisia – Ram Records >> Vice Chase – Culture Shock – Ram Records
  30. Moneymaker – Far Too Loud – Funkatech Records
  31. Generator – Mind Vortex – Ram Records


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