Matthew Bourne// 8/10 in Drowned in Sound (Posted By Harry)

Matthew Bourne

Matthew BourneMatthew Bourne in Drowned in Sound.

Matthew Bourne
Montauk Variations
The Leaf Label

Drowned in Sound – 8/10 – Jon Falcone
“Matthew Bourne has won spires of jazz awards and flits between a suitably dizzying number of improvisational jazz to proto metal outfits. Matthew has also recently successfully applied to become one of four UK musicians supported to perform and write in China as part of a PRS for Music Foundation and British Council-funded residency plan. Matthew’s existence within music is a seemingly grown-up take on the record, release perform dichotomy.

Bourne can compose though, as this collection of predominantly solo piano pieces highlights. He can compose uniquely. Sure, parts of this are the thumb smashing piano strikes that you may expect from a performer most widely known for their collaborative improvisations. Piano trills huff and roll in sporadic ascensions, melodies lie coddled within, occasionally peaking out of the swaddled mesh of furiously rapid notes.

This album is far more interesting when it’s overtly, garishly, pensive. ‘IV. Infinitude’ starts with all the lounge-soul of a Burt Bacharach refrain and then softly dallies around that same refrain, slowly moving the timing, adding slight variations that push and pull majestically. It’s warm to the point of whimsy; a sentimental snapshot bundled into two simple piano phases and a completely addictive loop of a listen. When a song seemingly loops and yet always changes, creating a new reaction to each pluck of each new note, it’s spellbinding...(Read More)



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