Listen Whitey! Uncut Album Review (Posted By Harry)

Listen Whitey

Listen Whitey!LISTEN WHITEY! Uncut Album Review

Listen Whitey! The Sounds Of Black Power 1967-1974
Light In The Attic

Uncut 4 Stars

“Fascinating document of revolutionary era”
” More education than compilation, this anthology of music and spoken word was put together by producer Pat Thomas to accompany his similarly
titled book. It’s packed with diverse performance by likes of The Original Last Poets, Marlena Shaw- her awe-inspiring Montreaux recording of “Woman Of The Ghetto”- and activist Elaine Brown, Lennon, Dylan and Roy Harper, also feature alongside Eldridge Cleaver’s powerful monologue rejecting Timothy Leary’s belief that “freedom means getting high”
Written By Wyndham Wallace

Listen Whitey Uncut Album Review

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