Kmag Interview with Horizons Music (Posted By Rico)

Internal Affairs Vol 2 Horizons MusicKmag Interview with Horizons Music

Internal Affairs Vol 2
Horizons Music

Here’s a great little interview from Kmag with Neil Monteiro (head of Horizons and their sub-label Inside) about the compilation ‘Internal Affairs Vol 2’

Words: Stefan Mohamed
“Horizons Music just put out the brilliant Internal Affairs 2 CD, which we featured in our list of essential drum & bass releases for January. We grabbed a few words with Neil Monteiro, head of Horizons and their sub-label Inside, about the compilation and what else they have in store for us this year.

“You’ve just released your Internal Affairs 2 compilation, what was the thinking behind the project?
Internal Affairs is a project I decided to put together as a way of concentrating on our own artists. The first volume was released in 2009 and we released the follow-up, the vinyl of Internal Affairs 2, in June 2010. It’s taken a long time to get the CD version out, and was completed a year and half later, it’s only now in the shops. That’s crazy isn’t it! Feels embarrassing when you think about it, but I wanted to get the project right, choose the right tracks, get the right balance and tone of the compilation especially on the back of a very successful Dreamthief 2 project.

I’m really happy to say that the response to the Internal Affairs 2 CD has been awesome, so the wait has been worth it. All the tunes are fresh and exciting, and it’s come out at a time when the label has got a cracking pipeline of releases. It was a great feeling when we nailed the final track because I knew it was ready. Horizons has high standards, and a lot of the artists are new to the label, so we wanted to do a project that was at a level which would stand the course of time, and still represent our ethos and values.

How did you go about choosing and assembling the artists?
It’s a compilation of artists that you’re gonna hear a lot more on Horizons in 2012. All of them already have a strong involvement with the label. I pretty much speak to them on a daily basis, so it’s about where we want to take their music. I don’t like one-off releases, so all the artists we’ll be pushing this year.

Do you have any particular favourites on the compilation? Or couldn’t you possibly say!
I really love Warm Space – WHAT AN INTRO! Then to follow it up with Syncopation, Full Force and In the Middle, they are my favourite tunes, and that’s why I kicked off the compilation with those. Putting out a label compilation is a personal thing for me.

Pessimist has got some great beats, really love his style, very uncompromising. Syncopation I wanted originally for the Dreamthief 2 compilation but we couldn’t get the right mix, so was really disappointed to omit it from that, a lot of people were! It was looking like a lost cause but Kristian managed to sort out his computer and I was really happy to be able to get the tune out. The album was mastered by Octane and DLR at Exhale Audio. It sounds tight, massive shout out to them…”

01) Sunchase – Warm Space
02) Pessimist – Syncopation
03) Atmospherix – Full Force
04) Atom – In the Middle
05) Clarity – Head Rush
06) June Miller & Syntex – Sleep
07) Data – Termite
08) Nickbee & Malk – Human Race
09) Mikal – Without a Trace
10) Blocks – Undercurrents
11) Overlook – Mirrors
12) Data-Floodgate       

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