Blondes/ Chairlift/ A Whisper In The Noise//DiS’ Five For Friday (Posted By Harry)

A Whisper In The Noise

Blondes 'Blondes' (RVNG INTL.)Chairlift- Something (Young Turks)A Whisper In The Noise

Blondes/ Chairlift/ A Whisper in The Noise
in Five For Friday (DiS)

Three of the artists that Southern Record Distributors distribute for made it into this week’s Five For Friday. A nice start to the weekend indeed. You can read the article here.

Drowned in Sound – All Words By Sean Adams

A Whisper In The Noise

Let’s ease you in gently with this utterly utterly gorgeous video for ‘Your Hand’ which a heart-crushingly beautiful song (think Low with the heft of Nils Frahm…) from the new album by A Whisper In the Noise. Gotta hang my head in shame and admit I wasn’t aware of the band until hearing this track earlier in the week but they’ve been going for a while (formed back in 2002) and To Forget is their first record in four years. The LP comes out on February 27th, it’s very-very good, so if you trust my judgement on these sorts of things, you should probably press play on the video…


A cover of Beyonce’s ‘Party’ by Chairlift? Yuh-huh. It is what is known as a ‘slow-jam’. It features a sweet Das Racist breakdown. If this doesn’t give you that friday feeling, then you’re probably a bit dead inside and should consult your GP.
Watch the music video on DiS here.


And finally… I gave their self-titled album 10/10 and you’ve all been streaming it in full and sharing it and stuff. Well, it’s finally out in the shops on Monday. And they’re also attempting to tour Europe at the moment – although a passport issue or two has put pay to a few dates, so keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter for updates. Here’s a live version of ‘Lover’ via Fader.

If you would like to read the article in full, please click here.


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