Dave Monolith 4 Star Review in Uncut (Posted By Harry)


MonolithDave Monolith 4 Star Review in Uncut

Dave Monolith


Uncut ****
Classy intro to West Country knob-twiddler

“While the world waits for new Aphex Twin material, his label Rephlex fills the gap by peddling the occasional producer who sounds quite like him. Nothing wrong with that, particularly when they’ve the programming chops of local talent such as Wiltshire’s Dave “Monolith” Barnard. Welcome showcases Barnard’s Flair for nimble funk and jazzy toplines, draws attention to his enlightened approach to songwriting: “Vortexeur” and “Zunker” will spice up any dance floor yet the casual way these elegantly unravel suggests Barnard has dozens more aces up his sleeve.”
Written  By Piers Martin

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