Nice Blondes Review// 8 in NME (Posted By Harry)

Blondes 'Blondes' (RVNG INTL.)

Blondes 'Blondes' (RVNG INTL.)Blondes in NME


Written By John Calvert
“Zach Steinman and Sam Haar are the missing link between ’90s Balearic and chillwave, trading in sunrise-techno so 6am-eternal it’s indecent. Like Scandinavian group Air France, the Brooklynites create dreamy, Mediterranean music despite coming from somewhere that’s neither dreamy nor Mediterranean and the result is poignant package- holiday dance, sun-drunk but urgent with passion. While somewhere may accuse them of frivolous hipsterism, their ecstatic trance is conducted with technical refinement, the nine-minute ‘Business’ manoeuvring towards its destination with masterful grace. Altogether, it’s an immersive trip through memory bliss.” 8




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