Tindersticks: 4/5 in Uncut (Posted By Harry)

Tindersticks 'The Something Rain' (Lucky Dog)

Tindersticks 'The Something Rain' (Lucky Dog)Tindersticks
The Something Rain Review in Uncut

The Something Rain
Lucky Dog
Release 20.02.12

4/5 Uncut (Written By John Robinson)
Nottingham miserabilists return groovily...

‘The ninth Tindersticks album begins with a story, ‘Chocolate’, narrated by the band’s  Dave Boulter, of a man discovering a little too late (‘There was a hard dick poking me in the eye’) that he has pulled a transvestite. If it’s a shock to him, it’s not much less so to us that this far into their career they should be able to pull new tricks- soulful female backing singers; hip hop- like hooks; VU – style narration jams – out of the bag. The violin-soaked melancholia of old remains on “Medicine’, particularly, and Terry Edwards guests on sax magnificently throughout, but the album’s highpoints, particularly “Show Me Everything’ and “This Fire Of Autumn” showcase a band who seem to have rediscovered new ways of putting together their already impressive constituent parts. As “Chocolate”‘s narrator says himself- what the fuck?”

2 Responses to “Tindersticks: 4/5 in Uncut (Posted By Harry)”
  1. Hugo Melo says:

    Hip-hop like hooks? What are you guys on? I’ve listen to the album and there isn’t a single hip-hop bit about it. If you mean the occasional beat sampler, that’s just wrong calling that “hip-hop”. That would mean the kills are hip-hop. Since when backup soul-singers are new to tindersticks? Haven’t you heard Simple Pleasures? Get someone a bit less lazy to right reviewes for this awsome band, please. That said, it is a great album and well deserving of the 4 stars.

    • SRD says:

      Hi Hugo
      Nice to see some passion for Tindersticks, but we didn’t write it…A chap called John Robinson from Uncut did…
      And yes, you’re right, it is very deserving of the four stars.


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