Greenleaf ‘Cold Soul’ EP + Fanu Guest Mix on KMag (Posted By Rico)

Greenleaf// Cold Soul EP (Lightless Recordings)

Greenleaf// Cold Soul EP (Lightless Recordings)Greenleaf
Cold Soul EP

Lightless Recordings
Out on 17.04.12

Hailing from New Orleans, Greenleaf has been immersed in music his entire life. Growing up on a steady diet of everything from metal and punk to hiphop and jazz, he took a very early interest in music. At the age of eight he picked up the saxophone, but soon after switched to drums and later dabbled in bass.
In 1995, Greenleaf was introduced to his first taste of Drum&Bass, which combined all the elements of the music that he was interested in and it would not be long before he would begin to DJ himself.
In 2004, he began to dabble in production and has not looked back since.
The Cold Soul EP is a collection of songs that captures the sounds, vibe, and culture of the Big Easy…even a bit of the dark side. With deep atmospheres, precise breakbeats, and heavyweight basslines, Cold Soul promises to be just what every breakbeat lover is looking for.


Fanu image (taken from KMag online)Fanu Guest Mix on KMag

Drum & bass producer, DJ, label boss, radio show host, skateboarder and bacon enthusiast – Helsinki’s Fanu (or Janne Hatula to his friends) is a busy man. So we were lucky to be able to grab a few words about his label, Lightless Recordings, his upcoming slate, his thoughts on the scene and the exclusive mix he’s recorded for us.

Hi Fanu. First of all, would you like to introduce yourself?
I’m a total breakbeat fanatic from Helsinki, Finland. I run Lightless Recordings, play d’n’b as a DJ and all kinds of breakbeat music of my own as a live artist.

Tell us about your drum & bass history. How did you get started?
It was around 1995. I was in my teens, living in the middle of nowhere, and somehow my friends got hold of some d’n’b CDs, and I liked them and ended up listening to them and, consequently, a radio show that played the hottest contemporary jungle and d’n’b. I always recorded it all on cassette tape and played it all over again. Fell in love with jungle, and I’ve been on the same path ever since. Still digging d’n’b of similar style even though that was almost 20 years ago – that’s love! I moved to Helsinki in 2000 and started going to events.

What sort of sound are you trying to push with Lightless?
Modern jungle. Very “breakbeat-rich” material, so to say, the kind of sound that reflects what I grew up listening to. I was super stoked on the rhythms of the mid-nineties d’n’b and I wanted to learn how to create similar beats myself. It’s all a continuation of that. I was never too fond of the drum-machine-type of sound that took over. Also, atmospheres usually play a great part, too; I grew up enjoying the early Good Looking Records tunes, so I became a total sucker for lush pad sounds as well as vocals and proper sub-bass...(Read More and download Guest Mix from KMag)



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