New Albums & Singles Releases 30.01.12

Hospitality Drum & Bass 2012 (Hospital Records)

New Albums & Singles Releases 30.01.12

(in no particular order)

New Album Releases 30.01.12

01. V/A ‘Hospitality Drum + Bass 2012’ (Hospital Records) Drum & Bass CD
02. Teddy Music – The Compilation CD ‘Grime’ (Teddy Music) Grime CD
03. Dro Carey ‘Journey With The Heavy’ (RAMP Recordings) House/Bass/Techno/Leftfield/Hip Hop CD
04. Santos ‘If You Have Meat You Want Fish’ (Rockets & Ponies) Electronic/Tech House/House CD+ CDROM
05. Porter Ricks ‘Biokinetics’ (Type Records) Classic Techno/ Basic Channel 2LP
06. Billy Dalessandro ‘Cracktime’ (Soniculture) Electronic 2LP
07. Windy & Carl ‘We Will Always Be’ (Kranky) Ambient/ Space-Rock/ Drone 2LP/CD
08. Wino And Conny Ochs ‘Heavy Kingdom’ (Exile On Mainstream) Acoustic Rock/ Singer Songwriter LP/CD
09. Eyvind Kang ‘The Narrow Garden’ (Ipecac) Soundtracks/ Ambient/Leftfield CD
10. Sunn O))) ‘OO Void’ (Southern Lord) Doom Rock 2LP
11. Morphine ‘Cure For Pain’ (Modern Classics) Classic Alternative/ Low-Rock LP

New Single Releases 30.01.12

01. Mikal & Break ‘Lifts Me Up/ Just A Game’ (Metalheadz) Drum & Bass 12″
02. ASC ‘TMA-1 EP’ (Space Cadets) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Killawatt / Killawatt & Ipman ‘Mantra / Schizophonia’ (Box Clever) Dubstep 10″

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