Tindersticks 5* Review in Rolling Stone Germany + cover in Magic Magazine (France) (Posted By Harry)

Tindersticks 'The Something Rain' (Lucky Dog)

Tindersticks 'The Something Rain' (Lucky Dog)Tindersticks gets a 5* Review in Rolling Stone (Germany)
& on the cover of Magic Magazine (France)

The Something Rain
Lucky Dog
Release: 20.02.12

There’s a 5 star review of Tindersticks in Germany’s Rolling Stone. It’s in German, but we understand one part. It’s the part where the article calls the album “a mind blowing poetic masterpiece.” Think that sums it up quite brilliantly, however if you know a bit of german and fancy a read, feel free to.. see image below…any translations would be great!

Tindersticks in Rolling Stones Germany


Magic Magazine

Tindersticks on Magic Magazine

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