Tennis 8/10 Review in Clash Magazine (Posted By Harry)

Tennis (ATP)

Tennis (ATP)Tennis Review in Clash Magazine

Young & Old
(ATP Recordings)
Out 13.02.12

8/10 stars
The Denver combo’s second long- player is an endorphin rush of smart, soulful pop. Recorded with The Black Key’s Patrick Carney in Nashville, ‘Young & Old’ builds on last year’s ‘Cape Dory’ adding a full band vibe to their previous bedroom recordings. The songwriting is top notch. ‘Dreaming’ is exquisite, Aliana Moore’s breathless vocal plays kiss-chase with a succulent melody and a swirling beat. ‘My Better Self’ tried to be maudlin, but only succeeds to out itself as a masterpiece of synth-pop, while ‘It All Feels The Same’ is shameless ear candy. Warning: listening to this album may cause a serious outbreak of happiness.”
Written By John Freeman

Tennis: Origins

01. It All Feels The Same
02. Origins
03. My Better Self
04. Traveling
05. Petition
06. Robin
07. High Road
08. Dreaming
9. Take Me To Heaven
10. Never To Part

Thu 9th Feb Point Ephémère, Paris
Fri 10th Feb Paradiso, Amsterdam
Sat 11th Feb Zwerver Cafe, Osted
Mon 13th Feb Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, London

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