Various Production Joins SRD

Various Productions Logo

Various Production LogoVarious Production Joins Southern Record Distributors.

2012 sees dubstep and electronic outfit Adam Phillips, also know as Various Production, joining forces with SRD, which is a nice start to the year if we do say so ourselves.
Having formed in 2003, Various have been busy making music, releasing  vinyl and 7″ and also remixing for the likes of Thom Yorke, Cat Power and Ian Brown just to name a mere impressive few.
Not one to boast about its successes and by keeping it simple and to the point, Various have been working on new material that intrinsically intertwines art and maths into the mix.
From this, new material will be released each month on both vinyl and digital, starting from February with the first release of ‘Learn Faster/ Air’, out 13th Feb 2012 on 10″, and continue up until late 2012, which promises to make 2012 a good year indeed.
We’re looking forward to it already.

Various ProductionOut
‘Learn Faster/ Air’
Various Production

Learn Faster ft Asher Dust

Air ft Asher Dust

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