Chairlift in The Times (Posted By Harry)

Chairlift- Something (Young Turks)

Chairlift- Something (Young Turks)Chairlift
Everyone’s talking about.
The Times

Chairlift “Something” (Young Turks)

Their new album evokes Kate Bush, Talk Talk, Cocteau
Twins and fellow New Yorkers MGMT and Yeasayer

Ambitious, left-field pop is trilling from all corners of the globe at the moment, be it the outlandish melodies of the Belgian-Australian star Gotye or the hypnotic dreamscapes of the French outfit M83. And then there are Chairlift, the New York duo with cosmopolitan success in their stars. They are signed to Young Turks, home of the xx, and an offshoot of label-du-jour XL Recordings, home to Adele. They were the first band to perform at David Lynch’s Club Silencio in Paris, and also played at the Punchdrunk theatre company’s New York production of Macbeth. They hail from Brooklyn, the hipsters’ paradise that spawned Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective and, more recently, Milagres. In Caroline Polachek they have a tambourine-wielding frontwoman who cavorts in catsuits like a young Kate Bush and, in the video for Amanaemonesia, choreographs her own barkingly brilliant dance of pirouettes, punches and sub-aquatic flutters. She and her multi-instrumentalist bandmate, Patrick Wimberly, started making music as a soundtrack for haunted houses. Thankfully they branched out and their second album, Something, is rather splendid. A kaleidoscopic world lit up by fantastical synths, slanted melodies and Polachek’s ululating soprano, it evokes Kate Bush, Talk Talk, Cocteau Twins and their fellow New Yorkers MGMT and Yeasayer. We hope they’re here to stay.

Something is released by Young Turks on January 24.
What they say
NME: “Something is a seductive, addictive combination of big production and huge pop
hooks that sets the bar for new albums of 2012.”
Pitchfork: “At a time when there’re just so many bands doing ‘small’, it’s an enjoyable
treat to hear an act like Chairlift go for ‘big’ — like, really big — and succeed on every level.”

01. Sidewalk Safari
02. Wrong Opinion
03. I Belong In Your Arms
04. Take It Out On Me
05. Ghost Tonight
06. Cool As A Fire
07. Amanaemonesia
08. Met Before
09. Frigid Spring
10. Turning
11. Guilty As Charged


Amanaemonesia – Chairlift (Young Turks)

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