Dimensions Five EP Out 16.01.12 (Posted By Rico)

Various 'Dimensions 5 EP' (Ram Records)	Dimensions Five EP (Ram Records) Out 16.1.12

Dimension Five EP/ Various/ Ram Records

As the title suggests, it’s out on Monday, and just in case you want to read up about it before then, here’s a great 10/10 review for it.

Dubstep Toronto.Ca

“Ram Records’ ‘Dimensions’ series showcases the brightest and best talent the drum & bass scene has to offer, hand-picked by label bosses Andy C and Scott Bourne (Red One). Since its inception, the series has included some of the most recognisable dance floor fillers and now Ram is ready to release the fifth mighty chapter in the Dimensions story.

Rene LaVice may be a new name to some, but ‘Headlock’ is sure to have this exciting producer’s moniker stuck in your head. Mixing subtle melodies and a classic sound, Rene LaVice’s debut Ram release encompasses a nostalgic approach to making fresh D&B that’s destined to move people’s feet.

Cyantific’s hard hitting second outing on Ram Records comes in the form ‘Infinity’, an incredible drum & bass epic packed with winding bass notes, skipping beats and euphoric vocal samples. If this one doesn’t have nightclubs across the globe losing themselves in euphoric 4am moments, we don’t know what will!

Next up is June Miller and the ever so mysterious Secret Handshake Club. Between them they craft the face-meltingly hard ’64 Thousand Dollar Habit’. This one is intensely infused with rock attitude and pounding, unrelenting breakbeats, ensuring utter dance floor mayhem.

Finally, Wickaman & RV give us ‘Ev’s Dead’, a beautiful rendition of rave’s finest sounds brought bang up to date. Grizzled Reese bass notes are splattered with mentasm and echoed vocal samples bringing jungle’s heyday to mind and verifying once more that the Dimensions series really does offer the finest D&B on the block.”

Track list

A. Rene LaVice – Headlock
B. Cyantific – Infinity
C. June Miller – 64 Thousand Dollar Habit feat. Secret Handshake Club
D. Wickaman & RV – Ev’s Dead

Dimensions Five EP/ Various/ Ram Records

Ram Records

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