Fingerbobs: Must Have Reissue in Sunday Times (Posted By Harry)

Fingerbobs – Original Television Music' V/A (Rick Jones/Michael Cole/Michael Jessett)

Fingerbobs – Original Television Music' V/AFingerbobs: Must Have Sunday Times Reissue

Fingerbobs: Music from the Original TV Series

“Created in 1971, the fondly remembered 13-episode BBC TV series Fingerbobs invited children to imagine the minimally augmented gloves of the Canadian folk musician Rick Jones as a host of vivid characters, most famously, Fingermouse. The dedicated pop-cultural archivist Jonny Trunk has assembled and polished unreleased original music (no masters exist) into 21 miniatures. Acoustic guitar and woodwind evoke the respective characters of these timelessly totemic puppets, the song of the depressive but resilient Yiddish tortoise, Flash, offering a curiously coherent philosophy for life.”

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