Acid Mothers Temple Reviews in Kerrang// Metal Hammer// Sunday Times (Posted By Harry)

Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers TempleAMT in Kerrang// Metal Hammer/ Sunday Times

Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso UFO
The Ripper At The Heavens Gates Of Dark
Riot Season

Kerrang Review: 4 Stars
Written By Olly Thomas

” Opener Chinese Flying Saucer starts relatively straight, riding in on a boogie rawk riff, but is soon embellished by freeform guitar solos, synth effects and frantic vocals. Elsewhere, The Ripper…is a mellower affair than devotees are accustomed to, but still pulsates with a welcome weirdness, not least on the drawn-out psychedelia of Back Door Man Of Ghost Rails Inn and the fantastically far out 22 minute Shine On You Crazy Dynamite.”


Metal Hammer Review
Written By John Doran

” Kawabata Makoto’s acid-fried marauders have recorded approximately 65 studio albums since 1995 under 10 different names, so while quality control has always been an issue, kudos to Riot Season for taking the chance. AMT lower the listener in gently with the relatively straightforward Led Zeppelin-on-helium and ketamine rock of Chinese Flying Saucer. Shine on You Crazy Dynamite is all noodling guitar freakout for 17 minutes before they finally launch into a powerful Krautrock groove. There’s no sign of this heavily medicated well drying up any time soon.”


Sunday Times

“Chinese Flying Saucer is 12 minutes of hard-rock riffing doused in disorientating swooshing; the quarter of an hour of modal blues droning and octopus polyrhythms that is Back Door Man of Ghost Rails Inn sounds like Jim Morrison fronting the San Francisco beatniks the Serpent Power; at about 20 minutes each, Shine on You Crazy Dynamite out- Syd Barretts Pink Floyd’s first album, while Electric Death Mantra delves deeper into the heart of the sun than their second.”


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