Book Of Knots #1 in Rock-A-Rolla’s Top 50 Albums 2011 (Posted By Harry)

Book Of Knots 'Garden Of Fainting Stars' (Ipecac)

Rock -A-Rolla‘s Top 50 Albums 2011

Four of SRD’s distributed artists have made it into a great list, so we’re pretty happy about that, check out below to see our four…


Book Of Knots 'Garden Of Fainting Stars' (Ipecac)# 1 Book Of Knots ‘Garden Of Fainting Stars’ (Ipecac)

“The third loosely conceptual album from The Book Of knots deals with the endgame of space travel and the death of a dream. Here, the band’s somewhat abstracted, subconscious art rock is more focused and fully realised than ever before.” (ME Issue 33)


Earth 'Angels Of Darkness...' (Southern Lord) # 3 Earth ‘Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1’ (Southern Lord)

“The band’s blending of old and new methods strikes in an unheralded direction, paring down their familiar sun drenched largesse in favour of greater intimacy and they enter a new phase of oblique dominion.” (KM, Issue 30)


Wolves In The Throne Room 'Celestial Lineage' (Southern Lord)# 4- Wolves In The Throneroom ‘Celestial Lineage’ (Southern Lord)

“The climatic third installment of a trilogy of extraordinary albums, one that sees them consolidate their power whilst reaching a momentous point of culmination. A thrilling final salute from a group unafraid to walk their own desolate pathway.” (KM, Issue 34)


Black Cobra 'Invernal' (Southern Lord) #7- Black Cobra ‘Invernal’ (Southern Lord)

“A quantum leap forward in sophistication and articulacy from its predecessor Chronomega- without question one of the great powerhouse releases of 2011.” (KM, Issue 34




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