Young Magic:: Ones to Watch for 2012 in Telegraph (Posted By Harry)

Young_Magic_MeltCover (Carpark)

Young_Magic_Melt (Carpark)Young Magic::
Ones to Watch Out For.

In The Telegraph blog, Young Magic are deservedly picked as ones to watch out for in 2012.

Young Magic (Written By Lucy Jones)

Young Magic’s debut album Melt has been on my iPod non-stop since I first heard it. Each member of the band was living or travelling in different corners of the world (Indonesia, Brazil, Australia) before colliding in Brooklyn. Isaac Emmanuel, the first member, describes their eclectic sound as “Beats, Boogie, Psych, Soul. Who knows. I like to think of it as drawing on something that’s always been there the whole time, something kind of ancient, and something that’s very new at the same time.”

Young Magic – Slip Time – Carpark Records

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