Dominant Legs in NME’s 10 Best Pop Songs 2011

Dominant Legs (Lefse)

Dominant Legs (Lefse)Dominant Legs ‘Hoop of Love’  best pop song 2011 pick in NME

10 Best Pop Songs Of The Year: NME

#9 Dominant Legs, ‘Hoop Of Love’ (Lefse)
“A massive guitar hooky smile of a song from the sometime compadres of Girls, ‘Hoop..’ sounded like some sort of lost Rough Trade single from the mid 80s, with its subtle harmonies and jangling guitar.”
Written By Priya Elan

01. Take A Bow
02. Where We Trip The Light
03. Already Know That It’s Nice
04. Darling Girls
05. Hoop of Love
06. Lady Is Sleek and So Petite
07. 2 New Thoughts About U
08. The One That You’re With
09. Calm Down
10. Make Time For The Boy
11. She Can Boss Me Around
12. Loving Now

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