Acid Mothers Temple in Classic Rock (Posted By Harry)

Acid Mothers Temple

Acid Mothers TempleAcid Mothers Temple in Classic Rock.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O    
‘The Ripper At The Heaven’s Gates Of Dark’ 
[Riot Season]      

“As the opening track, Chinese Flying Saucer kicks in, the Acid Mothers sound like they’re about to follow their usual pattern of fuzzed-out guitars and distortion overload. But this overt tribute to Led Zeppelin II is the exception here. The other four tracks are an indulgence in synth-swamped psychedelia, which comes across as the soundtrack to a long-forgotten early 70s movie about the joys of an overdose. At times, the ambient swirls are crushing, with a space rock grooves gliding in and out of the mix. The whole thing is totally absorbing, and really gives you the feeling of being on an innertrip. In fact, you have to wonder what state of mind the four musicians were in when they created this extraordinary monstrosity of elegant dischord and poetic loneliness. There are comparisons to made to Pink Floyd and also to avant-garde composers like Stockhausen. But in the end what makes The Ripper At The Heaven’s Gates Of Dark such a sublime album is that it sounds incomplete. This allows you to slip into the spaces and become part of the artistic experience. So, what you get out of it is a total immersion in the sound, where everyone’s impression is unique. Bonkers, yet brilliant.” Written By Malcolm Dome
01 – Chinese Flying Saucer (12:03)

02 – Chakra 24 (4:07)
03 – Back Door Man Of Ghost Rails Inn (15:17)
04 – Shine on You Crazy Dynamite (21:57)
05 – Electric Death Mantra (19:22)

Vinyl Tracklisting :
A1 – Chinese Flying Saucer (12:03)
A2 – Chakra 24 (4:07)
B – Back Door Man Of Ghost Rails Inn (15:17)
C – Shine on You Crazy Dynamite (21:57)
D – Electric Death Mantra (19:22)
Acid Mothers Temple – Chakra 24

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