Nicolas Jaar is Mixmag’s Album Of The Year (Posted By Harry)

Nicolas Jaar- Space is only noise (Circus Company Label)Space Is Only Noise is Mixmag‘s #1 Album Of The Year

Nicolas Jaar– Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company)

# 1 Album Of The Year
“It’s rare for an album released right at the start of the year to be still fresh in our consciousness, but the deep, intelligent house and electronica from this frighteningly young producer struck such a chord that its place as album of the year was sealed. Backed up with a unique live show to match, Jaar showed clubland that you could fill venues like Fabric or Glastonbury with experimental, atmospheric sounds.” (Mixmag)

Nicolas Jaar on getting the coveted #1 spot

“I made most of Space Is Only Noise at 5 PM, right after I came home from school, probably the most boring time of the day. I made most of the stuff during the summer, when I had nothing to do all day. Just having a nice meal in the morning, maybe reading a nice book and then making some music. It’s music that I made from the ages from 17 – 20, so it spans a lot of different time. It wasn’t like I sat down for two months and wrote it: it was a three-year process.

For a while I thought I was going to write my thesis on Henri Bergson, the French philosopher, because I really fell in love with his ideas of time. So I curated the album with those thoughts in mind. But then the album became way too ethereal and I was not OK with that. I wanted it to be grounded in something much dirtier and more disgusting. I wanted it to have something bad inside of it, maybe something evil. When I made the track “Space Is Only Noise If You Can See” the album became more complete. I knew that it needed something like that.

I had a deadline with Circus Company of a Thursday, I think, and on that Wednesday night I wrote “Balance Her In Between Your Eyes,” which is one of my favorite songs off the album. I wrote it with my computer speakers because my other speakers weren’t working. But I guess what I realized this year is that the writing of the album wasn’t the writing of the songs. It was the three months I took to turn it into some sort of weird bastard DJ set of the songs I really like. That’s something I realized lately more than ever: Just how much of a DJ set I actually saw it as.”
– Nicolas Jaar


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