NEW Album & Single Releases for 05.12.11

Fingerbobs – Original Television Music' V/A (Rick Jones/Michael Cole/Michael Jessett)

New Album Releases 05.12.11

(in no particular order)

01. Danny Wheeler ‘Universal Language’ (W10 Records) Drum & Bass CD
02. Photodementia ‘Figure 3’ (Photodementia) Electronic/ Techno LP/Cassette
03. Raleigh Moncrief ‘Watered Lawn’ (Anticon) Leftfield Pop CD
04. V/A (Rick Jones/ Michael Cole/ Michael Jessett) ‘Fingerbobs- Original Television Music’ (Trunk) LP/ Cassette
05. Sunn O))) ‘OO Void’ (Southern Lord)  Doom Rock
06. Bone Orchard ‘Stuffed To The Gills And Other Fishy Tales’ (Freud) Post-Punk/ Goth/ Psychobilly 2CD
07. Tappa Zukie ‘In Dub’ (Jamaican Recordings) Dub LP/CD
08. Tony Crombie & His Friends ‘Whole Lotta Tony’ (Fantastic Voyage) Jazz CD
09. The Ronnie Ross Quintet ‘Stompin With The Ronnie Ross Quintet’  (Fantastic Voyage) Jazz CD
10. The Free Design ‘Kites Are Fun’ (Light In The Attic) Soft-Psych/Pop CD

11. The Free Design ‘Heaven Earth’ (Light In The Attic) Soft Psych/Pop Soft-Psych/Pop  CD
12. The Free Design ‘ You Could Be Born Again’ (Light In The Attic) Soft-Psych/Pop CD
13. The Free Design ‘Stars Time Bubbles Love’ (Light In The Attic) Soft- Psych/ Pop CD
14. The Free Design ‘Sing For Very Important People’ (Light In The Attic) Soft-Psych/Pop (Light In The Attic) CD
15. Blaze Foley ‘Clay Pigeons’ (Secret Seven) Outlaw Country LP
16. Happy Refugees ‘Return To Last Chance Saloon’ (Acute) Post-Punk LP
17. William Fowler Collins ‘The Resurrections Unseen’ (Type Records) Avant-Garde/ Noise LP

New Single Releases 05.12.11

(in no particular order)

01. Wilkinson ‘Tonight/ Pistol Whip’ (Ram Records) Drum & Bass 12″
02. Modified Motion & Faction ‘Only You Know (Majistrate Remix) / Sci-Fi (Supreme Being Remix) (Innovation Records) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Krakota & Juda/Lomax  ‘Sooty/ Palomar (Remix)’ (Integral Records) Drum & Bass 12″
04. Curfew ‘Vandal/ Asylum’ (Bad Taste Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
05. Killawatt ‘Sidewinder/ (Ipman’s Worldwide Remix) (Black Box) Dubstep 12″
06. TMSV ‘Myth/ Flow’ (Box Clever) Dubstep 10″
07. Mensah/ DJ First Aid & Pulsar ‘The Resistance/ Bombaclat’ Dubstep 12″
08. Aquasky ‘Raise The Devil’ EP 1 (Passenger) Breaks 12″
09. Trash Talk ‘Awake’ (True Panther Sounds) Hardcore/Punk 7″
10. Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling ‘Bangarang/ Version (The Avengers)’ (Jamaican Recordings) Reggae/Dub 7″
11. Leroy Smart ‘Wreck Up My Life/Version’ (Jamaican Recordings) Reggae/Dub 7″
12. Eric Donaldson ‘Cheery Oh Baby/Version’ (Jamaican Recordings) Reggae/Dub 7″

8 Responses to “NEW Album & Single Releases for 05.12.11”
  1. wb41 says:

    what about Photodementia? will it be released and when?

  2. SRD says:

    To wb41
    On the premise that everything goes according to plan, Photodementia ‘Figure 3′ should hit the shops on the 13th Feb 12.


  3. wb41 says:

    still nowhere… and i am eagerly waiting

    • SRD says:

      Sorry for the delay in reply…have spoken to our production manager, and we are now looking at a release date of 12th March.
      Not too long now mate, hang in there 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch, nice to see some passion for the music!


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