Meet the New Managing Directors at Southern Record Distributors.

Andy Slocombe (Left) and Steve P Collins (Right)

Southern Record Distributors

Andy Slocombe (Left) and Steve P Collins (Right)

Southern Record Distributors has expanded, whilst there has been the departure of John Knight, in his place happily joining the board is Andy Slocombe (left) and Steve P Collins (right).
Andy Slocombe will be taking responsibility of Sales Director and Steve P Collins as Finance Director, with John Knight moving to a consultant’s role, still remaining involved in the company’s future plans and eagerly anticipated developments.

SRD started out 24 years ago in one room and has developed and independently grown into the company it stands as today, with incredibly loyal staff that are intrinsically part of what makes SRD work. Knight says “Some of the staff have been here 22 years and 10 of them have been here longer than that. Clearly they are a successful team and have helped make SRD what it is today. I feel the time has come to entrust the running of the company to these longest-serving members of staff. I do so in the knowledge that they know the business inside out and have already proved their ability to successfully run SRD during recent years whilst my tasks have evolved and changed. They are also taking up the option to become shareholders so I confidently expect an even more incentivised performance from the company under the new structure”.

Here’s a word from one of the new directors Andy.

“Well, we’ve both been here for well over a decade now, and we’re both well up for the responsibilities that come with our new roles – with a solid team of senior and long-serving staff behind us. It’s very much business as usual, and, to wheel out the clichés, it’s an exciting opportunity for us all; everyone’s excited about the future.”


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