Stranger Son ‘Iceman Part II’ Video and Big Issue Review (Posted By Harry)

Stranger Son 'Luna Marseille' (White Box Recordings)

Stranger Son Big Issue Review

Stranger Son
‘Luna Marseille’
(White Box Recordings)

4 out of 5 stars

“Stranger Son, are essentially songwriter, singer, programmer and keyboard player Gareth Smith with a host of revolving musicians. Fortunately, his vision of creating avant garde pop has endured no matter who is helping him execute his ideas. Less ferocious than previous efforts, the charismatic Hello To Fate arrives with a Numanoid synth riff and double tracked vocals. Happiness delivers cinematic soundscapes with an infectious hook and glockenspiel over a hypnotic bass. Hypnotic and restrained, this is an album for the head and the heart.”

Stranger Son ‘Iceman Part II’

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