Dummy Interview // Walls + Download Dummy Mix 101 (Posted By Harry)

Wall 'Coracle' Kompakt

Walls 'Coracle' (Kompakt)Dummy interviews Walls + Dummy Mix 101

Walls ‘Coracle’ Kompakt

Sam Willis and Alessio Natalizia have done quite a bit since their last Walls Dummy Mix. They’ve released two fantastic albums, toured every which way, and even found time for  musical side projects. Their last album, ‘Coracle’, is a stunning landscape of sound punctuated by rolling beats and incredible layering of both synthetic and organic texture. On this mix, Willis injects the same level of thought-provoking intensity present in his music by combining tracks that complement each other sonically to create a beautifully hazy bigger picture. Ambient pioneer Roedelius’s synth simplicity contrasts nicely with Suicide’s electronic punk funk, which in turn highlights the tense grind of Shit and Shine’s industrial avant-psych. This dialogue eventually comes to a climax with the sombre tones and extra-broken beat shufflings of Carl Craig’s remix of Maurizio’s Domina and fades away to Fursaxa’s montage of continuously detuning noise. Much like Wall’s music, this mix can be enjoyed track-by-track under intense musical scrutiny, or from afar, slightly detached with your telescope turned the wrong way around allowing the kaleidoscopic imagery of its whole take over….(Read More) and also download the Dummy Mix 101 by Walls.
Written By Zara Wladawsky

Tracklisting to the Dummy Mix 101
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – Day Glow
Roedelius – Girlande

Lithops – Penrose Ave.

Suicide – Girl

Shit And Shine – Shit No!

Eric Copeland – Wolfman

Maurizio – Domina (Carl Craig’s Mind Mix)

Fursaxa – The Bells of Capistrano
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