Elijah and Skilliam Review // Resident Advisor (Posted By Harry)

Elijah and Skilliam (Rinse)

Elijah and Skilliam (Rinse)Elijah and Skilliam Review on Resident Advisor

Elijah and Skilliam mix Rinse: 17

Resident Advisor Review – 4/5

“It’s starting to feel like I say this with every Rinse FM mix CD, but this one really is a long time coming. There’s only been one grime mix—volume seven by Spyro—in the series representing London’s premiere underground dance machine. But Elijah & Skilliam, who started the Butterz label in early 2010 and have since earned a regular show on the former pirate, have been—along with partner-in-crime Terror Danjah—some of the most critical figures in bringing grime (particularly instrumental grime) back to the forefront. Rinse: 17 feels like the well-deserved culmination of almost two years of grinding and hard work, a victory lap by two skilled DJs and curators. Since its early years, grime—from a producers’ standpoint, anyway—has always been caught in a bind between its most stripped-back raw bangers and G-funk baiting anthems, a weird sort of tension that can find dubstep-calibre wobbles sharing set time with synth guitar histrionics. Butterz and its cohort of producers—Terror, Royal-T, Swindle, Mr. Mitch—definitely lean towards the latter, but Elijah & Skilliam are no revisionists, and their first official mix CD proudly posits them as an equal to legendary grime DJ Logan Sama in their ability to effortlessly throw together bone-dry aggression with exuberant singsongy melody…(Read More)
Written By Andre Ryce

The 17th release in the Rinse compilation series following on from successful releases from Ben UFO, Youngsta, Oneman, Marcus Nasty, N-Type, Skream and Roska.
Elijah & Skilliam’s aim for this mix: to showcase the best of Grime in 2011, with this 27-track, all grime mix, much like their Rinse show. Which showcases the best of grime so far this year, alongside some of their exclusive dubplates. But unlike most grime mixes they’ve aimed it straight at the club with a real beginning, middle and end.

This mix features a majority of instrumental productions, including ‘Take Off’ by Faze Miyake – widely regarded as the instrumental grime track of the year – with key vocal contributions from P Money, Blacks, Trim and Wiley.
*Elijah & Skilliam’s run their own succesful label and club night “Butterz” with highly acclaimed releases from artists such as P Money, Trim and Terror Danjah.

Stream Rinse:17 here
Catch Elijah and Skilliam on Rinse FM Thursday nights/Friday mornings 0100—0300 106.8 FM London / http://www.Rinse.fm

01 Royal-T — “Orangeade VIP”
02 D.O.K — “East Coast”
03 Swindle — “Pineapple”
04 P Money & Blacks — “Boo You feat Slickman”
05 Faze Miyake — “Blackberry”
06 Wiley — “It’s Wiley (Royal—T Remix)”
07 Mr Mitch — “Centre Court”
08 Rossi B & Luca — “Lost in Limehouse”09 — P Jam — “Arizona Skyz”
10 Terror Danjah — “Full Attention feat Ruby Lee Ryder”
11  Royal T — “Royal Rumble”
12 Spooky — “Spartan (Terror Danjah Remix)”
13 Teddy — “Community Links”
14 Swindle feat Terror Danjah, Rude Kid & Wizzy Wow — “Tag”
15 Bok Bok — “Silo Pass” 16 — Royal T & Terror Danjah — “Music Box”
17 Trim — “I Am (Preditah Remix)”
18 Faze Miyake — “Take Off”
19 Swindle & Silkie — “Unlimited”
20 Treble Clef — “Ghetto Kyote”
21 S-X — “Woooo (DJ Q Remix)”
22 Royal T — “Music Please (TRC Remix)”
23 Terror Danjah — “Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)”
24 Starkey & P Money — “Numb”
25 TRC — “Into Sync” 26 — Starkey & Trim — “This Ain’t Me”
27 Swindle — “Mood Swings VIP”

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