Office Of Future Plans in Alternative Press // Review (Posted By Harry)

Office Of Future Plans (Dischord)

Office Of Future Plans (Dischord)Alternative Press //Review OOFP

Office Of Future Plans (Dischord)

The band Office Of Future Plans’ name is a nod to Terry Gwillam’s black comedy Brazil and also Dick Cheney’s Office Of Special Plans (whose sole purpose was to provide justification for the invasion of Iraq…) “The theory being: the blandest and most bureaucratic designations hide the most profound evil. In this sense, if only in nomenclature, OFP are kind of a Bizarro metal band for the new century.”

The band made up of J Robbins, Gordon Withers, Brooks Harlan and Darren Zentek were, according to Dischord, never supposed to a band. For a band that were never supposed to be a band getting 4.5 stars in Alternative Press, is pretty good.

Fans of Jawbox/ Shudder To Think/ Fugazi might want to give them a listen…

Review in Alternative Press

“Vocalist/guitarist/producer J. Robbins would probably laugh out loud at the notion of having “icon” status in the underground. Though he may not have coined the term “straight edge” or had a problem selling merch at Burning Airlines shows, Robbins has always remained a forward thinking spirit. His new outfit, Office Of Future Plans, may be the most artistically fulfilling chapter in his post-Jawbox career. The record has it all, from Robbin’s sharp, chiming guitar harmonics and strident vocal style, to his A-team of similarly minded friends. Bassist Brooks Harlan and drummer Darren Zentek offer everything from displays of stamina (“The Beautiful Barricades”) to syncopated algebra (“Ambitious Wrists”), while the Office’s secret weapon-cellist Gordon Withers-delivers both careful arrangements (“Abandon”) and string-scraping texture (“Harden Your Heart”). The tempered pace and sophistication in “You’re Not Alone” trade post – hardcore bluster for an emotional heft that’s no less weighty. The proceedings end with the massive curveball “Riddle Me This,” a cover of a ’40s song written by Yip Harburg (“Over The Rainbow”) couched in a whimsical arrangement that’s warm, fuzzy and opiate. To his credit, Robbins as no interest in photocopying his storied past with Office Of Future Plans. The force of his personal aesthetics-coupled with the assistance of a similarly fearless group of friends-has made for not only for one of the best albums of the year, but has produces evidence proving real artists don’t settle, no matter how fast the calendar moves.” Written By Jason Pettigrew (on Twitter)

01. Salamander
02. Lorelei
03. Harden Your Heart
04. Ambitious Wrists
05. The Loyal Opposition
06. Your Several Selves
07. Abandon
08. You’re Not Alone
09. The Beautiful Barricades
10. Fema Coffins
11. Dumb It Down
12. Riddle Me This

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