The Quietus Interview with Cloaks (Posted By Harry)

Cloaks 'Versions Grain ' (3by3)

Cloaks 'Versions Grain ' (3by3)The Quietus Interviews Cloaks

Cloaks ‘Versions Grain’

“…The music of Norwich-based Cloaks, first heard on debut album Versus Grain and imminently to appear remixed by the likes of Ancient Methods, Dead Fader and Devilman on the snide Versions Grain compilation, is a marriage of industrial and dub that sounds like a bunch of robots riding a herd of DNA-regenerated mastodons into your garden hell-bent on fucking with the geraniums. Harris and Cloaks collaborator Carl Jordan first bonded over a love of dubstep after years of disagreement about music: “Carl was friends with my brother originally, we’d been friends for years and worked on lots of little projects together but I’d always been in indie bands and hip hop bands and he really hates hip hop and tries to avoid anything with guitars. He was an acid techno producer and he used to just make his stuff at home. Dubstep was the reason for Cloaks starting. I remember when I heard ‘What’ by DJ Wonder for the first time I viewed it in a different way from a lot of the dancefloor crowd because to me it just seemed bold, artistic, super-minimal, really fucking moody,” Harris explains….” (Read More)
Written By Luke Turner

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