Need For Mirrors – 8/10 Data Transmission Review (Posted By Rico)

Need For Mirrors 'Zercon / Smack’ (Zoltar)

Need For Mirrors 'Zercon / Smack’ (Zoltar)Need For Mirrors  8/10 Review in Data Transmission

Need For Mirrors ‘Zercon / Smack’(Zoltar) 

Need for Mirrors turn their attention from other labels back to their own Zoltar imprint, for two more doses of their now distinctive sound

‘Zercon’ begins with an airy intro, with strong drum beats and distinctive intricate percussion. The track itself features a playful bouncing bassline that takes centre stage, whilst different arrangements and sounds continuously zip around it. Throughout the track, the background shifts and flexes, giving a sense of variation and unsettling movement.  For those who like the more stripped back sound of drum and bass and Need for Mirrors, this is yet another banger, but for those who don’t get the minimal sound, this will be an acquired taste...(Read More)
Written By Curtis Moldrich

Need For Mirrors – Zercon (Edit)

Need For Mirrors – Smack (Edit)

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