The Field gets nice NME & Mixmag Reviews (Posted By Harry)

The Field 'Looping State Of Mind' (Kompakt)

The Field 'Looping State Of Mind' (Kompakt)
The Field reviewed in NME and Mixmag

The Field ‘Looping State Of Mind’

8/10 Review in NME

“It’s expansively, ecstatically excellent for many of the same reasons as The Field’s previous two blissful, loop-based hymns, at the intersection between shoegazing, trance and minimal techno…But these seven tracks, which average nine minutes apiece, contains moves that were at most hinted at on previous effort ‘Yesterday And Today’. Opener ‘Is This Power’ leans on a kraut -funking bassline with a moody Mogwai strum in the middle, final number ‘Sweet Slow Baby”s thumpingly ‘real’ drums render it a heavily deconstructed cousin of Talk Talk. ‘Then It’s White’ while using a familiar Field motif – an unintelligible vocal sample – takes us further away from the dancefloor than ever…he makes it sound like the very definition of forward -minded music in 2011.”
Written By Noel Gardner 8/10

4/5 Review in Mixmag

“…The Swede’s (Axle Willner) third outing once again blurs the lines of contemporary techno and ambient electronica, but advances have been made…there’s a greater emphasis on acoustic instrumentation…Despite these steps towards a more organic sound, ‘Looping State Of Mind’ is by no means rudderless. The surging opener, ‘Is This Power’, soon grows into a rushing wall of celestial sweeps…Poignant yet euphoric, Willner once again delivers.”
Written By James Lawrence 4/5

The Field -Then It’s White

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