Class Actress in Dazed & Confused (Posted By Harry)

Class Actress

Class Actress Class Actress
Dazed & Confused

(November feature)

Class Actress ‘Rapprocher’
(Carpark Records)

Elizabth Harper aka Class Actress…makes heavy-synth “goth-prep” and “stalker pop” in the vein of Human League, Depeche Mode and Yazoo. The former  LA drama student sees it as a creative persona, “On stage I feel like I’m in a Mexican soap opera. It’s like an Almodóvar film – I can stretch the TV screen fuzz  and touch the audience.” She whispers. We are all lost in our personas. The acting is a part os who I am. I am always acting…Who isn’t?” On Rapproacher, there are no zany costumes here to dilute lustful realities; just the actress and her controversy-courting one-woman show. “There’s a million ways to be sexy. Sex is provocative, not necessarily sexy,” purrs Harper. “I’m not trying to be sexy – I enjoy being a woman.”
Written By Alex Catarinella (Dazed & Confused)

(Please note that track 7 is CD only and not included on the LP.)

01. Keep You
02. Love Me Like You Used To
03. Weekend
04. Prove Me Wrong
05. Need To Know
06. Limousine
07. All The Saints
08. Bienvenue
09. Missed
10. Hangin’ On
11. Let Me In

Class Actress- Weekend
Class Actress – Keep You

To listen to more Class Actress tracks head to Carpark Records Soundcloud here

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