AKA gets 4 Stars in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

AKA 'Hard Beat'

AKA 'Hard Beat' (Strawberry Rain/ Light In The Attic)AKA 4 Star Review in MOJO

AKA ‘Hard Beat’
Strawberry Rain/ Light In The Attic

“…Led by the impressively Afroed Ucok Harahap- a hell for leather frontman channelling Jim Morrison and James Brown – they quickly graduated from performing Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf anthems to penning their own, shredding stylistic barriers with carnivorous abandon over eight distinctive studio albums…Shunned in their prime for singing in English, AKA leave a formidable legacy.”
Written By Andy Cowan (MOJO Magazine)

Track List

01. Do What You Like
02. Glenmore
03. Reflection
04. We’ve Gotta Work It Out
05. Cruel Side
06. Groovy
07. Suez War
08. Mr. Bull Doc
09. Shake Me
10. Only One Man
11. Crazy Joe
12. Skip Away
13. Open Doors
14. Sky Rider
15. Aka Untuk Mu (CD BONUS)

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