The Field ‘Looping State Of Mind’ 4 Star Review in Uncut (Posted By Harry)

The Field 'Looping State Of Mind' (Kompakt)

Looping State Of Mind gets 4 Stars in Uncut

The Field ‘Looping State Of Mind’ (Kompakt)

The Field - Looping State Of Mind (Kompakt)

“Axel Willner aka The Field takes a singular, immediately recognisable and highly infectious approach to dance music, the same as he has taken since his brilliant 2007 debut From Here We Go Sublime. He takes a sawn off loop, a texture, an angle and works is as relentlessly as a Steve Reich, so that prediction, familiarity and repetition eventually become virtues…Magnificient.”
Written by David Stubbs

The Field Tour UK and European Dates 2011

19.11.11  Twisted Pepper Dublin
20.11.11 Kazimer Liverpool
21.11.11 Nowawe Manchester
23.11.11 V.K Brussels
24.11.11 Studio K Amsterdam
26.11.11 Strpfest Eindhoven
07.12.11 Postbahnhof Berlin
10.12.11 ATP Minehead

The Field ‘Looping State Of Mind’ Album Preview

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