Ben UFO: Rinse:16 Review in Clash (Posted By Harry)

Various Artists 'Rinse:16 – Mixed By Ben UFO' (Rinse)

Various Artists 'Rinse:16 – Mixed By Ben UFO'‘Rinse:16 – Mixed By Ben UFO’ gets 9/10 in Clash Mag

Rinse: 16 – Mixed By Ben UFO (Rinse)

“His vision of the immediate future snatches the best bits of dubstep and ambiguous bass whilst cleansing them in the spirit of house. His tight blends and quick ninety-second segues highlight perfectly how UK dance in 2011 went up a gear by dropping down the hype. Fusing bass culture’s more subtle protagonists of 2562, Kode9, Shackleton and label mate Pangaea with the more floor facing Bok Bok and Jam City is merely the start of deep fusion …”
Written By Matthew Bennett

01. Crucified (XDB Edit) – Aaron Carl
02. 012A – Kassem Mosse
03. Extended Epic – Dro Carey
04. Andy – Third Side
05. Dark Energy – STL
06. Caretaker – Karenn
07. Winamp Melodrama – 2562
08. Swims – Boddika & Joy O
9. Tanned Legs – Lerosa
10. Arpjam VIP – Jam City
11. Future (Carl Craig Remix) – Mister Monday
12. Cactus – Objekt
13. Sensitivity – Champion
14. Ghosts Have A Heaven – Actress
15. Nibiru – Snugs
16. Dunkel Jam – Elgato
17. Lady Science (Tek Mix) – Soul Capsule
18. Keep Your Love (Def Club Mix) – Ordinary People
19. Sweet Love (Remix feat. General Levy) – M Dubs meets Fierce
20. Hex – Pangaea
21. Stacks Riddim – Helix
22. Deadman – Shackleton
23. Curbside – Unknown artist
24. Pump It Up – Bassboy
25. Ice – Kode9
26. Silo Pass – Bok Bok
27. Sicko Cell (Pearson Sound Remix) – Unknown
28. Systems Of Chaos – Andrew Coltrane
29. Escape Before The Rain – How To Dress Well

To get info on Ben UFO’s European Tour 2011 with Pearson Sound and Pangaea, Click here

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