Bong Announce UK Tour Dates (Posted By Tony)

Bong 'Beyond Ancient Space' (Ritual Productions)

Bong UK Tour Dates 2011

Bong ‘Beyond Ancient Space’
(Ritual Productions)

Bong UK Tour Dates

14.10.11 St Mary’s Old Church and Burial Ground , London UK

29.10.11 13th Note, Glasgow UK

30.10.11 The Fish Tank, Durham UK

5.11.11 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham UK

Bong are mostly a live band, and the band‘s studio recordings all follow the same live path, jams around a central riff and a basic structure, shunning any overdubs and with minimal post-production.
Influences most apparent in the sound are 1970s psychedelic rock groups  (especially Parson Sound) and doom staples such as Come My Fanatics-era Electric Wizard and Sleep‘s Jerusalem, Slow, chanting vocals and spoken-word sections are drawn from the lands of Lord Dunsany, Clark Ashton Smith and other dreamers‘ tales from the early 20th century, mirroring their stories of hashish-induced sojourns to outer worlds…

“You may want to equate this band to other drone bands but that is to totally underestimate the majesty of the acid 60s vibe they have captured on this recording. If you collectively placed the West Coast psych movement in a room, pumped their veins full of opiates then asked them to record, this is what would have probably been created” 
The Sleeping Shaman

“A surprisingly restrained  deep dark smoldering space rock slow jam, total late night chill out come down dream doom for sure”
Aquarius Records

 “The great thing about Bong is while they doing something that has been done before, they are of the few bands that have truly taken it to the next level of sonic insanity” 10/10

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