New Album / Single Releases from SRD

In no particular order

Walls 'Coracle' (Kompakt)Gui Boratto 'III' (Kompakt)Joakim 'Nothing Gold' (Tigersushi)Zed Bias 'Biasonic Hotsauce – Birth Of The Nanocloud’ (Tru Thoughts)

New Album Releases

01. Walls ‘Coracle’ LP/CD (Kompakt) Electronic/Ambient/Shoegaze
02. Gui Boratto ‘III’ 2xLP/CD (Kompakt) Electronic   
03.  Roman Flugel ‘Fatty Folders’ 2xLP/CD (Dial) Electronic
04. Joakim ‘Nothing Gold’  (Tigersushi) Electronic CD
05. Nadine Carina ‘Magic Box’ Electronic CD (Stattmusik) Singer Songwriter
06. Alias ‘Fever Dream’ LP/CD (Anticon) Leftfield Pop/ Electronic/ Hip Hop 
07. Michael Garrick and Shake Keane ‘Rising Stars’ LP/CD (Trunk) Exotic British Modern Jazz 
08. Low ‘Trust’ CD (Kranky) Rock/ Post Rock 
09. Faith ‘Subject To Change plus First Demo’ LP/CD (Dischord Records) Classic Hardcore Punk/ Classic Dischord
10. Noothgrush ‘Live For Nothing’CD  (Southern Lord) Doom/Sludge
11. Fantomas ‘The Director’s Cut: A New Year’s Revolution’ Rock DVD (Ipecac)
12. The Platters ‘Heaven On Earth – The Classic Mercury Recordings’ 3CD (Fantastic Voyage) Rock ‘n’ Roll
13. Farwell Poetry ‘Hoping For The Invisible To Ignite!’ CD+DVD (Gizeh) Epic Post Rock/ Drone 
14. Disco Zombies ‘Drums Over London’ LP (Acute) Punk 

New Single Releases

01. DC Breaks ‘Creeper / Horror’  12″ (Ram Records) Drum & Bass
02. Optiv & BTK feat MC Fokus ‘Blindstruck/ Scientist’ 12″ (Renegade Hadware) Drum & Bass
03. Mutated Forms ‘Wastegash’ 12″ (Grid Recordings UK) Drum & Bass
04. Dizz1 ‘Decay feat Royalston / Gone Soon’ 12″ (Black Acre) Dubstep/ Garage
05. Rawtee ‘Neighbourhood feat Mandarin’ 12″ (Guinea Pig Records) Dubstep
06. Zed Bias ‘Badness/ Trouble In The Streets’ 12″ (Tru Thoughts) Dance/ Garage / Dubstep
07. Axel Boman ‘Lucky Tiger EP’ PD (Glass Table) Electronic/ House
08. Marcel Dettman ‘Translation EP’ 12″ (Ostgut Ton) Electronic/ Techno


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