Shimmy Shimmy Interview Sandman (Posted By Rico)

Adrian Lenz/Sandman – Cover Me/No Prisoners (Blank Mind)Shimmy Shimmy Interview Sandman

Read the Interview below:

“Blank Mind is a brand new label out of London which is set to release its first double A side on October 24th. The two tracks come from Grenadian artists Sandman with ‘No prisoners’,  a minimal, menacing bass-laden track, and Adrian Lenz’ ‘Cover Me‘ brings the soca vibes to the record, the bpm is about the only thing really reminding us these are carnival tunes. The two tracks are straight out of the Jab Jab tradition (to be explained by Sandman below) and have videos as dark as the music:

I spoke to Sandman from Aquarion Studios in Grenada about his track, ‘No Prisoners’, and label boss, Sam Purcell, about the release and his plans for Blank Mind (to be in part 2 tomorrow).

Shimmy Shimmy: For those of us who don’t know, could you tell us about ‘Jab Jab’ and Grenadian carnival?

Sandman: Jab Jab is an integral part of the festive portrayal of folklore unique to Grenadian heritage. On Jouvert morning, usually the first Monday of August, a band of individuals masquerade the streets, often scantily clad, drenched in old machine oil, wielding lengths of chain, jaw bone axes and wearing that signature horned ‘posie’ or hard hat representing devils horns. In their mouths, they pour red food coloring giving the effect of blood. Quite often they clasp a piece of raw salted meat (usually a pig’s tail or salted codfish) between their teeth, giving it an even more grotesque effect. Sometimes they even have live snakes.

They parade the streets together between the hours of 2 and 10am playing self-made percussion instruments not limited to sticks, buckets, cowbells etc… Jab Jab also use melodic chants which would contain broken french ‘patois’, some of the meanings of which remain unknown.

The tradition was founded in the late 1800s, the term “Jab” is a derivative of “Diab’” short for Diablo, i.e. devil in Spanish. Much like the Halloween festivity celebrated worldwide, where individuals portray ghosts, vampires and so on, the culture is based solely on festive representation and should not be associated with Satanism or evil… its just for FUN! It’s truly something to witness yourself…”

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Sandman ‘No Prisoners’ Teaser Trailer

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