Toro Y Moi ‘Selects’ Jordan Kim for Dazed & Confused (Posted By Harry)

Toro Y moi Carpark Records

Toro Y Moi  'Freaking Out' (Carpark Records)Toro Y Moi ‘Selects’ Jordan Kim in Dazed & Confused

Cosmic funkateer Toro Y Moi: “Finding someone who has similar tastes in style and imagery is really hard. Jordan knows exactly how to go about everything from camera selection to animation. For the “How I Know” video, he would provide  references for me to check out and use them for inspiration and ideas. I think the most important thing about being a good director is knowing how to work with what you have. Some people try to do too much and it comes off cheesy or cheap. But if you do it right, like Jordan, it’s perfect.”

…Kim’s mischievously black sense of humour is fast becoming his trademark. His previous video for Teams vs Star Slinger revolved around an alien in a dodgy rain mac who attempts to return someone’s lost house keys…only to devour their owner once he had tracked them down. “I often laugh when bad things happen to me. Not sure why, I think I’ve always been that way,” says Kim. “With my videos, the dark humour is partially a by-product of trying to do something unexpected. I love TV shows and films that combine genres, like Twin Peaks – super scary and funny at the same time.”
Text by Tim Noakes

Toro Y Moi ‘How I Know’ Music Video by Jordan Kim
Freaking Out – EP Toro y Moi (Carpark Records)

Full Track List
01. All Alone
02. Freaking Out
03. Sweet
04. Saturday Love
05. I Can Get Love

Listen to ‘Saturday Love’ Toro Y Moi

‘Saturday Love’ was the first single of the Toro Y Moi EP, “Freaking Out” which was released on Sept 13, 2011.

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